Dr. Blair Barone-Rice

 Equine-Assited Psychology

"Every cloud has a silver lining ...what will be yours?"

"When treating the whole child, we see the child as mind, body and spirit, or emotions.  As parents, we put a great deal of time and energy into helping our children grow intellectually and physically.  We them in private  and get them tutors all to help them development their cognitive or mind skills.  We also sign them up for ballet and baseball thereby helping them grow physically.  


Yet we overlook childhood as being a time of important emotionally and psychologically development and growth too.  The various life challenges children encounter during their youth are the opportunities for them to create and build the coping skills they will need to help them emotionally with various life challenges they will encounter as adults.  Without crisis in ones childhood, how will our children gain

the tools to cope as they mature?"


- Dr. Blair Barone-Rice -


With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Barone is a pioneer in  the field of holistic child psychology.  As the "Mary Poppins" of child-adolescent psychology, her optimistic perspective, that she can draw upon a vast array of traditional and holistic therapies, and that therapy happens in nature with animals is the magic that helps children find their wings.